Retro Button Necklace

Last week-end, I wrote about how I found this awesome stash of vintage buttons at one of my favorite shops. The buttons I chose fell into two distinct groups. The first group -delicate, antique and feminine in shades of gray and white – became a charm style bracelet.

Retro Vintage Button Necklace

The second group were more earthy, retro, and a little rustic in warm Fall colors like chestnut brown, ivory, pale beige, olive, jade, and teal. They definitely had a little bit of a seventies feel to them. I particularly liked how they had a great range of materials, textures and patterns, and I thought they would look great as the focal point of a longer necklace. There are twelve buttons total, with most of them being celluloid. There is one large horn button and two glass.

Retro Vintage Button Necklace

I wrapped each of the buttons from the back in jewelry grade bronze wire (lead and nickel free) that I antiqued myself using liver of sulfur so it would coordinate with the antiqued brass chain. Once I had wrapped all of the buttons, I played with the arrangement until I found one that was pleasing. The buttons range in size from about .75″ to 1.5″ in diameter and color, so I needed to create balance in the design.

When I was happy with the layout, I attached them to a textured antiqued brass cable chain. This chain is really high quality and one of my favorites to use. For variety, I used a smaller scale chain for the upper portion of the necklace and added one of my favorite solid brass lobster clasps and a little extender chain for an extra two inches of length, if needed. I always like when my necklaces has a little bit of adjustability to account for the different necklines of my tops.


I really love the eclectic feel of the necklace and particularly the color palette. It’s a completely unique one-of-a-kind design, and it’s available for sale in my Etsy shop.

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