DIY Jewelry Display Bracelets

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DIY Jewelry Display Bracelets
I have been thinking about making a new bracelet display for my craft show table since last year. I had been hanging bracelets in this little wooden cabinet I got at Hobby Lobby. It was cute, but I think the bracelets were pretty difficult to see inside the cabinet, and they didn’t really pop. I came up with this new display pretty quickly and put it together in about twenty minutes.


  • Open backed frame (like one for a canvas).
  • Foam core board
  • Light colored fabric (I used muslin that I had on hand), ironed
  • Light weight batting
  • Glue gun
  • Display easel
  • Pins for securing the bracelets

Measure the opening on the back of the frame (not the front), and cut out a piece of foam core that is smaller both widthwise and lengthwise by 1/16″ – 1/8″ as long as it still rests easily in the opening. Cut a piece of batting  and a piece of the fabric that is larger than the foam core by 1″ all around. Wrap the foam core with the batting, gluing in place. You can trim and miter the corners, if you want. Repeat with the fabric.

DIY Jewelry Display Bracelets

Place the upholstered foam core in the frame. I glued my foam core in place in the frame. You could choose not to do this if you wanted to easily switch out the foam core for a new look. In that case, I might just use painters tape, since it doesn’t really matter what the back looks like. Use pins to secure the bracelets in place.

This project cost me about $16.00 because I already had everything but the frame and the foam core. Both were 50% off at Hobby Lobby. You can also attach a sawtooth hanger to the back of the frame and use this to display your own jewelry. I like that I can easily reposition the pins so that I can change up the display configuration or use it for necklaces or earrings.

Rotating Jewelry Display

This is an earring display that Keegan made for me last year. It was just a piece of reclaimed wood 4″x4″ post nailed and glued to a pine base with eye hooks screwed into it for hanging earrings. People really really liked this piece at shows, and I got tons of compliments on it. They also tried to spin it around, but unfortunately it didn’t spin. I didn’t use it at the last couple shows because it was so time consuming to put kidney and lever back ear wires on the eye hooks.

DIY Rotating Jewelry Display

So, I went to the Woodsmith Store and bought L-hooks to replace the eye hooks and a 3″ lazy susan mechanism. Now I can quickly slip the earrings on and off the hooks and browsers can actually spin it around. I have three more of these posts and plan to update all of them with the lazy susan and L-hooks when the Woodsmith Store gets more in stock, since I bought them out today. I would estimate that this project would take about a half-hour per post from start to finish. The lazy susan is attached with four little wood screws.

DIY Rotating Jewelry Display

No, we haven’t hung our concert posters yet. Maybe Sunday…

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