What I'm Into Lately Apr 11

What I’m Into Lately – April 2011

Spring Beauty by Amber Aiken

Spring Beauty by Amber Aiken

Hope you’re having a great week-end! It is over was over 80 degrees here today and absolutely beautiful. I took the doggies for a nice walk after hitting the gym, spent an hour walking through Valley Junction just enjoying the weather, and finished tagging all of my jewelry for my little table at Ladies Night down at Ted Lare’s Garden Center on Thursday night. If you’re local (and a lady), you should definitely stop down. It’s always so much fun, and the garden center is looking absolutely beautiful this year.

What I'm Into Lately Mar 11

What I’m Into Lately – March 2011


A happy pop of color on a snowy Spring Friday

I read most of my blogs through Google Reader and star posts I really enjoyed or want to revisit as I go. I’m doing this more and more now that I’m using an iPad, because while the iPad is great, some things are better experienced on a slightly larger screen. But often, I forget to go back and dig through everything I saved for later, so I thought I would set aside on little time on Friday mornings to do just that. So, these were the bits around the internet that caught my attention this week…