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DIY Jewelry Display Bracelets

DIY Jewelry Organizer

I have been thinking about making a new bracelet display for my craft show table since last year. I had been hanging bracelets in this little wooden cabinet I got at Hobby Lobby. It was cute, but I think the bracelets were pretty difficult to see inside the cabinet, and

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What I’m Into Lately – May 2011

Today I am much more excited that it’s Friday than I usually am. First, yesterday I presented my final project for the semester, so summer is officially here. I have several goals for the next couple months, which I’ll begin sharing next week, but I’m also looking for a part

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Pretty Perfect

Decor8 is one of my favorite blogs not only for the pretty pictures but because Holly is such a genuinely kind and thoughtful person who always has some words of wisdom to share that really resonate with me. Such was the case with her post Homes with Heart from Monday.

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What I’m Into Lately – April 2011

Spring Beauty by Amber Aiken Invisible switch plate covers from Forbes and Lomax via Tobi Fairley. I’m sure these are ungodly expensive for a simple utilitarian object that probably gets no thought on a day to day basis, but oh, what a difference they would make. I have a slight

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What I’m Into Lately – March 2011

A happy pop of color on a snowy Spring Friday I read most of my blogs through Google Reader and star posts I really enjoyed or want to revisit as I go. I’m doing this more and more now that I’m using an iPad, because while the iPad is great,

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