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I bought this orchid last week at Trader Joe’s for $8.00. Isn’t it pretty? I am trying to be a better caretaker of my living things, so I hope I can keep this one blooming for quite a while.  

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A Saturday Evening Show & New Vintage Earrings

I participated in a local event over the week-end – kind of a small craft show combined with an outdoor concert. The setup was really nice, the weather was perfect, and the music was entertaining. I met some really great people, and sold one of my most favorite necklaces to

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During grade school and high school, I was a voracious reader, routinely consuming several books each week. I also collected quotes from those books, which I transcribed very carefully into a notebook that I decorated with a hand drawn water color painting. This sentiment from Louisa May Alcott, one of

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Happy Week-end

After a short week that somehow felt kind of long, I’m going to take it easy and have a beer outside in the sweltering heat. I haven’t felt much like writing or making anything lately, but I have been taking lots of photos. Today I was messing around in Photoshop

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Puppy Love

This is a photo of Miles when he was about 12 weeks old. We lived in this house just off campus that we thought was really cool at the time, but now would probably think was just really old and kind of gross. Anyway, these stairs led from the kitchen

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