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Porch Decor Inspiration on Pinterest

Pinterest via Senseless Sophistication One project that we’re planning to tackle in the near future is the hideous three season room which occupies one corner of our house. It was definitely an after-thought, and a very misguided one at that, added on some point after the house was built. Since

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Vintage Style Lighting

The rustic + industrial + vintage trend is huge right now and popping up everywhere from Anthropologie to Restoration Hardware. I’ve felt a connection to the sparse, elegant quality of this look for quite a long time, and I particularly like when everyday, commonplace designs are elevated in a new

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What I’m into…

Cooking… Homemade Pizza. I know it’s not Primal Blueprint or even gluten free, but really, what is life without pizza? The second pie we made flattened like a dream for a thin crispy crust. We topped it with a deliciously rich gouda from TJ’s made with the first milk of

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Air Plants

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this here yet, but but I’ve been working part time at the garden center for the summer. Today, I took a bunch of photos of some air plants that just arrived. I like air plants because they remind me of little pre-historic monsters that could come

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A New Planter for My Collection & a New Favorite Shop

A while ago, I mentioned that I was starting a collection of vintage pottery. Yesterday, I was at Porch Light Antiques in the East Village. It is a beautiful store, filled with so much inspiration and wonderful things to purchase. Some of my favorites there are the selection of great

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