My Favorite Louisa May Alcott Quote

During grade school and high school, I was a voracious reader, routinely consuming several books each week. I also collected quotes from those books, which I transcribed very carefully into a notebook that I decorated with a hand drawn water color painting. This sentiment from Louisa May Alcott, one of my all time favorite authors, has always stuck with me and been my go to mantra. I’m a big believer in having goals and dreams, something to work towards, something to strive for, continuous improvement. It’s one of the reasons that I found post college employment so depressing – I would look out into the vast expanse of my future and see nothing I wanted to reach for, which is much different than seeing nothing to reach for at all. Sure there were opportunities I could have pursued at that company, further education in my field, but it never felt right. But, since I’ve been pursuing interior design and running a creative business, I’ve not only felt like myself again, but I’ve dared to dream big dreams and be excited about the future. My primary motivation for changing careers was that I wanted to spend 30+ years doing something that I didn’t want to retire from…not working for 30+ years, saving a percentage of my salary, so that I could one day live the way I wanted, if I even managed to live that long. So, at this point in my life, this quote from Louisa that I preserved in a notebook twenty years ago feels more relevant than ever before.

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