A New Planter for My Collection & a New Favorite Shop

Succulents in a Vintage Jade Green Planter

A while ago, I mentioned that I was starting a collection of vintage pottery. Yesterday, I was at Porch Light Antiques in the East Village. It is a beautiful store, filled with so much inspiration and wonderful things to purchase. Some of my favorites there are the selection of great decor books that are never available at big box book stores, gorgeous ribbons in the most amazing colors and patterns, and the entire collection of Dash and Albert, but particularly the super soft throw blankets. I could bring the whole shop home with me, but instead I chose this little, vintage, jade green planter and put it to use as a home for two of my succulents. If you haven’t been to Porch Light’s new location yet, you should definitely stop in soon.

PS. Some of my jewelry has found a home there as well.

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