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Get the Look: Chicago Waldorf Bedroom

Yesterday, I posted photos I took during a tour of the Waldorf Astoria on my recent trip to Chicago. The monochromatic guest suite bedrooms were very elegant and restful…and also fairly easy to recreate at home. The key here is to use clean lines and a warm gray – not cool – based palette with dark woods, ivory and plenty of white.

Waldorf Astoria Inspired Bedroom Design

1. Headboard 2. Lamps 3. Dresser 4. Nightstands 5. Daybed 6. Side Chair 7. Desk 8. Bedding 9. Floor Lamp 10. Draperies 11. Desk Chair 12. Clock

Do you like hotel style bedrooms, which seem to be so popular these days? I can certainly understand their appeal, but in my own bedroom, I need something a little more casual and rumpled with plenty of color. You could easily inject some color into this room design by adding a colorful quilt, patterned throw pillows and some graphic art. Those beautiful Robert Abbey gourd lamps also come in a ton of fun hues like teal, kelly green, mint and pink. A vase full of fresh flowers in deep pink, red or purple would also go a long way in this space, as would some greenery. In the hotel, a flat screen tv hung over the dresser, but at home, I would place a large mirror there, maybe in a gilt frame, for some extra sparkle.

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