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From My Favorites: Gorgeous Greens

Green is a wonderful color. There are so many variations from sage to pistachio to chartreuse to mint to teal. It can be a tricky hue to incorporate into an interior because the wrong shade can look dirty or remind you of your first grade classroom or a hospital room, and it is important to avoid mixing blue-greens with yellow-greens. I love using yellow greens in my interior designs, but I tend to gravitate more towards teals and mints in my closet and accessories. Today I’ve rounded up some of my favorite green items from Etsy for adding a little bit of green into your home or your wardrobe.

Handmade Etsy Favorites Green

Wolf Art Glass Barware | B. Studio Brooch | Studio Cherie Weekender
Bagatelles Clutch | One Garnet Girl Ring

Handmade Etsy Favorites Green

Hindsvik Vintage Cabinet | Monki Vintage Bowl | Out of Line Dress | Karmology Shawl | New Moon Studio Plate Set
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  • Kiki July 17, 2012, 10:21 am

    What a lovely collection of green! I love chartreuse for interiors – with grays, neutrals, white . . . thanks for featuring our bowl!

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