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Fall Color Inspiration

Good Monday morning, everyone! I can’t believe it’s already the first of October. I’ve been trying to enjoy the beautiful Fall weather and colors as much as possible by taking long walks and savoring every minute of them, spending time outside whenever possible, and being present during my twice-weekly drives to Ames instead of drifting into endless internal rumination on projects and deadlines.
On Saturday, we spent the afternoon outdoors at the garden center. They are hosting a Fall festival every Saturday and Sunday through the end of October, and Keegan debuted his backyard barbecue for the first event. It was absolutely delicious, as always, and we’ll be back on October 20th if you’re interested in trying it out. While he was serving up pulled pork and bacon cheddar brats with homemade barbecue sauce, I took the opportunity to snap some photos in the green house and nursery.

I love Fall annuals so much…the colors are so complex, rich and interesting. I much prefer them over the showy brightness of Spring annuals. I decided to use some of the photos to create inspirational palettes for future interior or jewelry projects, and I’ll be sharing them over the course of the week. This first photo is a top view of a kale plant, which are one of my favorites because of their beautiful hues and ruffled, layered leaves.

Fall Color Palettes Kale

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