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A few years ago, I watched Martha Stewart’s talk show pretty religiously because there was usually a good chance I was going to absorb some esoteric knowledge on a new-to-me topic related to food, craft, gardening, fashion, design, etc. On one show, she spent a good portion of the time talking about the various types of begonias and how to care for them. At the time, I was kind of bemused at the idea of being obsessed with a particular type of houseplant, but now I totally get it.

I picked up two mini begonias at Seed at the beginning of the summer, put them in vintage planters, and reconciled myself to the idea that they’d be dead in a few weeks. Surprisingly, they not only survived but have steadily grown and put out new foliage.

Rex Begonia Vintage Yellow Planter

I’m fairly sure that this guy is a Rex Begonia. The leaves are an incredible palette of various greens, deep burgundy, and rose violet with shimmering metallic silver. They’re just incredible to look at.

House Begonia in Vintage Planter

This little guy isn’t quite as showy, but I love the delicate nature of his stems and branches. The petite leaves are a deep rich green with silver spots. The silver actually glitters and shimmers like metal.

I know that I should probably repot both plants fairly soon if I want them to keep growing (and living), which means I can add new planters to my collection and new mini begonias to fill the vacant planters. They’ve firmly replaced succulents as my go-to indoor greenery.

If you want to read more about the myriad types of begonias and how to care for them, the American Begonia Society is great place to start.

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  • eLIZabeth Floyd October 18, 2012, 4:51 pm

    They are beautiful! I never knew begonias had such interesting foliage! And your planters are perfect for them!

  • Rose October 19, 2012, 4:03 pm

    I love that yellow planter! I’ve never grown begonias before, but I have a croton plant right now at work. It has the same type of variagated colors on broad leaves.

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